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  Novi Vinodolski  

The tourist town of NOVI VINODOLSKI developed and grew along the seashore in the central part of the northern Croatian coast, on the Riviera of Novi Vinodolski from the ancient Frankopans' fortress NOVI GRAD.

In 1878, thanks to the evergreen vegetation and mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and air it gained the position, after Opatija, of being tourist pioneer of the seaside region.

  Historical town  

The physiognomy of the town is characterized by the littoral architecture of white facades and red roofs which raise themselves in the old town core from the sea level up to the church and tower on the hill overtopping thus the town outline like they were protecting this stone town above the sea.

For this specific panorama Novi Vinodolski was recognizable in the past...

  For everyone  

The traditional hospitality of the population, crystal-clear sea, town and surroundings without industrial pollution, circulating of mountain air from high forests in the nearby hinterland suitable for hunting tourism grant to Novi Vinodolski inestimable ecologic advantages especially for the development of the tourist and hospitality industry.

  Many things to do  

Various additional amenities are provided in the hotels and in their immediate vicinity, such as: sporting and recreational venues, indoor and outdoor seawater pools, saunas, diving centres and other facilities.

Visitors coming especially for the area's gastronomic delights have a good variety of restaurants and typical taverns to choose from.

  Sea and the beach  

Mediterranean climate with mild and pleasant, warm and sunny summers, never too thanks to the pleasant breeze from the sea, those are the main characteristics of the weather in Novi Vinodolski. In short, this is the place with stable, mild and healthy Mediterranean climate, with more than 2,500 sunshine hours in a year.

  Riviera Novi Vinodolski  

In Novi Vinodolski the road which from the Vinodol valley runs towards the seaside crosses with the road which runs through high evergreen forests of the mountain Kapela and thus via Ogulin cuts tha shortest way between industrial centres of continental Croatia and coast. Adriatic tourist road links Novi Vinodolski via Rijeka with Central Europe, while the sea, as local people like to say, connects Novi Vinodolski with the whole world.


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